Doors and door handles have existed in one form or another ever since man came out of the caves and began living in communities. Over the years, door handles evolved from simple mechanical objects attached to doors to an expression of the prosperity of the people living in a dwelling.
Other than its outside view, a front-door handle is anybody’s first impression of a house. It is also the first object a person lays their hands on when they’re entering a residence or a business. It is said that in many cultures, door handles on front doors have an almost religious significance.
Modern door handles vary from solid, non-moving pieces that can be grabbed on to pull a door open to decorative designer door handles with hi-tech latch and lock mechanisms. Decorative door handles can be used to express your home or business’s unique story.
Below we explore a few reasons why installing decorative door handles on your front doors might be the best decision you can make for your home or business.

Class and Elegance

Decorative door handles can offer your home a vintage touch unlike anything else. This is because most modern homes now come with handles that are bare of any designs. While, admittedly, there is a certain appeal to this sleek, clean look, it can never provide the same kind of class and elegance that decorative door handles can.

Visual Appeal

Doors handles used throughout a house or an establishment can be designed using a singular theme, and be used to define the whole visual story of the place. In this way, decorative door handles can lend a whole new charm to your house.


Any real estate agent can tell you that decorative door handles pay back their cost manifold. This is because they can lend any home or business a unique charm that paint or architecture simply can’t, which can prove really helpful when you’re putting the establishment up for sale. A smart home owner can also use decorative door handles to pull attention away from the other damages to the house that they might not want the prospective buyer to focus on.

While there are a lot of pre-designed or custom decorative handles available in the market, make sure that the one your use to adorn your home is built of quality materials that can last you for many years. If you have questions or if you would like to know more about decorative door handles, you can always get in touch with us.

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