Door Handles or Door Knobs

The differences are, the look and also the functionality of the push down v turn movement. You may not have the choice if you are replacing existing door knobs or handles, as generally you need to replace with the same

Backset of a Latch/Lock

An important aspect to consider is the backset of a door handle.

Backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the hole in the lock through which the spindle passes through.

Door knobs require a deeper backset than door handles. The international standard distance on locks and latches for doors is 44 or 56mm.

However, for door knobs you use a deeper backset of 81 or 106mm. This is where, if you have existing locks and latches, you need to be careful. As a general rule, if you have door handles which you want to replace, you can replace them with door handles. This is because you do not have enough room for door knobs. If you have door knobs you should replace with door knobs since the backset distance will set door handles too far from the edge of the door.

Fitting new latches/locks can be done but this maybe met with difficulty and expert consultation will be helpful

The Lock or Latch Mechanism

One of the first things you need to decide is, whether you want the door to lock or latch.

Existing locks or latches may be simple to handle wherein you just need to replace.

However, if you want the door to lock, you would need to consider the type(s) of lock(s).

There are many kinds of locks for interiors and bathrooms which incorporate the emergency mechanism as well. It all depends on the functionality of the door. Once you know the same choosing can be narrowed down.

Sprung v Unsprung Door Handles

Springs are required to get door handles to return to the horizontal after they have been pushed down. The spring can be located in the handles and or in the latch/lock.  You can tell if handles are sprung because they will return to the horizontal without being connected to the latch/lock. If you select unsprung handles then you need to make sure your lock/latch has a heavy duty spring, as this spring has to do all the work.

Choosing the right kind of lock can be quite complicated. There are many different ones manufactured for specific functionalities.

Without having to get muddled in the technicalities, give us a call! Our team of experts at Universal International can help you pick the right one to suit your need.

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