Choosing the right door handle will make all the difference to get that look and feel that you are going for

Here are the top 5 questions you might want to consider while choosing the right door handles for your refurbished home:

1) Is the door interior or exterior?

You will have to consider the weather elements if the door is exterior. Especially in places like Dubai, you may want to ask yourself whether the door handle is protected from extreme heat especially during the summer time.

Humidity and rain is also another factor that needs to be kept in mind since it contributes to corrosion and rust of the handle.

Although bronze does not rust, it can however, over time develop a patina.

Stainless steel, while not completely rust proof, is the best option for protection against corrosion

2) Does the door need to lock?

All types of functionalities need to be considered when choosing a door handle, from locking front and privacy doors to non-operating dummy handles that are often used to complete the symmetry, for example for double doors, where one door handle is used to open and close the door and the other is used more as a grip/pull

3) How many doors are you planning to re-furbish?

Before choosing the type of door handles, it is important to consider the number of doors you are planning to re-furbish.

Having an idea of the number will help in determining the budget and choosing the door handles accordingly

4) Any special needs?

This is an important question to be considered. In case there are special needs then it is important that the door handle be easy to grip and that levers not be too heavy to depress

5) Other costs to consider

Usually, the lock is not included in the door handle, although this varies with manufacturer. For certain door handles the cost of the lock is also included

At Universal International, there are many different kinds of door handles to choose from.

Get in touch with one of our representatives and we can help you choose the best, so that your home gets the style it deserves

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