Handlesets or Entry door sets are a great way to dress up your front door.

Not only are there many many designs and finishes to choose from, but there are also several types of handlesets that you can have your pick from as well.

There are 3 different designs to choose from such as the two piece (or sectional), the one piece (or Monolithic), or full plate (or full length).

handle 2


But even before selecting the design, you get to choose the type:

1) Double Sided Handlesets

Double sided handlesets or also known as a grip by grip handleset, as shown in the picture above have, are a handleset that comes with the grip on both the outside and the inside of the door.

handle 3





2) Two point locks

These are great for those of you who want a little more security. They provide two locking points, the deadbolt and the handle each have a lock or keyed cylinder, for that added or extra security.

handle 4





3) Emergency Egress or Interconnect handlesets are super convenient and some places may require these types. It works like this,

handle 5





When you press down on the lever from the inside, the deadbolt and lever latch automatically unlock, it opens the door in one single action. This makes an easy exit in case of emergency.

At Universal International, we deal with all kinds of door handle sets to cater to every need of the customer.

Get in touch with us to find out which type of door handlesets would suit your needs.

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